Apple & Raspberry Mini Doughnuts

Filled with delicious apple and raspberry jam, these filled mini doughnuts are tasty, fresh and aromatic. Available in packs of 6, they’re perfect for eating on the go.

apple & raspberry jam doughnuts
Classic mini ring doughnuts

Classic Mini Ring Doughnuts

Our classic mini ring doughnuts are a purist’s pleasure. Soft, fresh, yeasty dough, finely sprinkled with sugar… a simple yet delicious take-home treat.

Strawberry Jam Mini Doughnuts

Always a favourite, these delicious filled mini doughnuts are bursting with the sweet strawberry flavours of an English summer. Available in a conveniently portable carton of 6.

strawberry jam filled mini doughnuts
chocolate-flavour iced ring doughnuts

Chocolate-flavour Iced Ring Doughnuts

Substantially larger than our mini rings, these large ring doughnuts are sold in packs of two. Chocolate flavour icing makes this a sure-fire winner.

White Iced Ring Doughnuts

Available in packs of two, these delicious large doughnut rings are soft and fluffy inside, with a coating of white icing and small sugar balls.

2 ring doughnuts with white icing
Raspberry-flavoured iced ring doughnuts

Raspberry Iced Ring Doughnuts

Another fruit-inspired delight, these large ring doughnuts are topped with a raspberry-flavoured icing and small sugar balls. (2 to a pack.)