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A ‘Doughnation’ for the NHS

October 20, 2021

Since the easing of lockdown restrictions, the Covid pandemic might not have captured quite so many headlines as it once did, but staff in the NHS continue to battle with it, and to help people with countless other health conditions, too.

That’s why, when we were approached recently by East Lancashire Hospitals Trust, we were more than happy to make a product donation to show our appreciation for their work.

We made the donation to the Staff Wellbeing Team, backing a project to support staff in the Emergency Department. The doughnuts went into “wellbeing bags”, which were given to staff to promote wellbeing, relaxation, self-care and time out.

As the Community Fundraiser for ELHT&Me (the official charity for East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust) remarked: “Something as small as a sweet treat can be just the pick-me-up that teams who are working under extreme pressures may need.

“Your donation was a huge morale-boost for our hardworking colleagues during what has been an extremely difficult time.”

We are, of course, proud to support the NHS and to show recognition for its continuing, invaluable work.