Our Doughnuts Range


Our classic mini ring doughnuts are a purist’s pleasure. Soft, fresh, yeasty dough, finely sprinkled with sugar… a simple yet delicious take-home treat.

This individually wrapped baked doughnut has a lush cocoa cream filling and is topped with cocoa glaze and sprinkles.

Always a winner, our Strawberry Jam-Ring Bake is perfect for all the family. With delicious jam, sugar glaze and sprinkles, it’s bursting with fruit flavour.

Available in a family-sized pack of 15, our Banana flavoured Glazed Mini Ring Doughnuts are light and delicious and will stay fresh for 5 months.

Combining a light, fluffy doughnut with a sweet cocoa-flavoured glaze, these tasty Mini Ring Doughnuts are ideal for sharing at parties and picnics or while travelling.

Tasty, sweet and colourful, our Strawberry Glazed Mini Ring Doughnuts are sold in resealable pack of 15. They’re bite-sized and great for sharing.