About us

Simply Doughnuts:
Sustainability in Action

Sustainability and resource efficiency have always been at the heart of our work.

Our principal reason for investing so intensively in the development of longer shelf-life technologies was always waste-minimisation: the desire to reduce waste in the form of food, packaging, energy and any other limited resource.

That research continues, and we are intent on extending the same long-life technologies to other food products in the future.

But we aren’t stopping there. We’ve streamlined our supply chain to prioritise local suppliers wherever feasible – suppliers of everything from jams to packaging, training to logistics. This helps to reduce ‘road miles’ at every stage and minimises associated carbon emissions.

Examples of other recent measures:

We have a continuous improvement culture, and we encourage all our staff and suppliers to come
forward with any new ideas for reducing our environmental impacts. Some of their previous
suggestions are now part of our standard operating procedures.

In 2022, Simply Doughnuts was named the Sustainable / Ethical Manufacturer of the Year at the Made in the North West Awards, and we were also a finalist in The Grocer Gold Awards, in the ‘Waste Not Want Not’ category.