About Us

Simply Doughnuts: Taste & Innovation

Simply Doughnuts is an independent, multi-award-winning British manufacturer of extended shelf-life
doughnuts. We’re based in Lancashire and we have a passion for innovative, great-tasting food.

Our doughnuts are made to a private recipe and by a process that we keep a closely guarded secret. It
is our unique combination of quality ingredients and know-how that enables our doughnuts to keep
their freshness and flavour for so long.

In 2020, our expertise in long-life food production techniques was recognised with a Queen’s Award
for Enterprise, in the category of “Innovation.”

An expert doughnut manufacturer

As you’ll see on our Doughnut Range page, we manufacture doughnuts in a range of flavours and sizes. Whatever your preference, you can be sure that every product will be fresh, tasty and long-lasting.

We’ve been developing and improving our recipes since we launched in 2012, and we’ve grown steadily; today, we serve customers throughout the UK and beyond. These customers include major wholesalers and some of the country’s best known retailers – organisations that demand the very best in terms of manufacturing capabilities and quality assurance.

Quality assured

Simply Doughnuts is AA+ rated by Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS, formerly known as the British Retail Consortium) confirming that we maintain all the robust standards of safety, hygiene and quality control that modern clients expect.

We’re fully equipped with our own modern manufacturing plant and can deliver large or bespoke orders at relatively short notice. We supply UK wide. Our extended shelf-life doughnuts can be delivered at ambient temperatures but, unlike other products, they can also be transported in refrigerated vehicles for up to six hours without any deterioration in either texture or flavour.

In short, we put at your disposal a dedicated doughnut manufacturing facility that gives you great taste, great product quality and a shelf-life that is utterly unsurpassed.