Our Policies

Privacy Policy

At Simply Doughnuts Ltd, your personal privacy is important to us. This notice explains how we collect, store, manage, process, and protect your personal information. It lets you know the types of information we might hold, how and where we’ll use it once it’s been collected, and how we will keep it safe. We’ll always aim to be very clear when we ask you to share any information with us and won’t do anything with it that is unexpected.

The data that you may choose to share with us is:


Email address

Phone number

The above information is only ever used to contact you after you have made an enquiry on our website. The only compulsory piece of information that is required is your email address from our contact form. The data is stored using password protection.

Cookies Policy

Like most websites, this site makes use of cookies. These are small, temporary data files that are used to improve your experience of the site and to give us feedback on the way that users interact with the site (i.e. via Google Analytics.)

These cookies cannot be used to identify you. We do not receive any personal details from them.

If you do not wish to accept the cookies on this site, you may disable cookies via the settings on your browser

Company Policies

We have formal policies that govern most aspects of our operations. Some of these include the policies typically expected of a company of our size – quality assurance, health and safety, hygiene standards, equality and diversity, environmental responsibility and so on.


However, we have developed additional policies that we believe help us to be a better, more progressive business; a company that delivers lasting social impacts. One of these is our approach to training and employment.

Employment Policies

Creating jobs and promoting skills development are two important ways in which we, as a business, can ‘give back.’ We actively engage with local employability programmes, run by JobCentre Plus and others, to help people progress into the world of work. Examples include:

  • Giving factory tours and presentations to job-seekers
  • Holding mock interviews for candidates to practise their skills
  • Hosting work experience placements
  • Hosting apprenticeships, with work-based mentoring
  • Promoting a lifelong learning culture based on continuous professional development

Diversity & Inclusion Award 2023

Sustainable / Ethical Manufacturer of the Year 2022

We have also created an open culture based on sound skills and great communication. This was recognised when we won the ‘Team of the Year’ category in the 2021 Baking Industry Awards.