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Doughnuts at the Movies

April 12, 2022

Carton of mini ring doughnuts and a row of cinema seats

We may only be a few months into it, but 2022 is proving to be a big year for Simply Doughnuts. For example, we’ve recently opened up a number of important new export markets, including Germany and several Gulf states. And interestingly, the opportunities aren’t just restricted to major supermarkets, distributors and wholesalers.

A potentially exciting new sector for us is the cinema concessions market. We’re seeing growing interest here – and with good reason. Supplied in convenient re-closable cartons, our fresh doughnuts are low on mess, great for sharing and ideally suited to the needs of hungry movie-goers.

Commercially, too, they’re very well suited to the needs of cinema-based food retailers. As ever, their long shelf-lives are a big advantage. They minimise food-waste risks and, because they require neither refrigeration nor heating on-site, they enable retailers to make valuable savings on energy and staff time. They can be displayed at ambient conditions and require minimal preparation; making them a simple “pick up and buy” option.

Helpfully, the cartons also fit very neatly into the cup-holders that many cinema chains fit to their seating, so they could hardly be better suited to the demands of the market.

It’s a market we’re actively looking to develop so watch this space for further news.

Doughnut carton on a row of cinema seats