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Gulfood Exhibition, Dubai

January 31, 2023

Gulfood 20 - 24 February 2023

We’ve been working closely with the Department of International Trade over recent months. We’ve already taken part in two missions to the Gulf States, starting with a trip to Qatar in June 2022. At the time, we visited as part of a trade delegation supported by DIT’s Great British Food Programme.

We’ve been making rapid progress, developing relationships with large, well-established retailers and, as a result, our products are being stocked in an ever-growing number of outlets across the Middle East.

Keen to maintain the momentum, we’re now making final preparations for another DIT-supported mission; this time to the #Gulfood Exhibition, a major international event that will take place in Dubai between 20th and 24th February.  It should be an excellent opportunity to meet potential distributors and stockists, and to explain the benefits of long shelf-life products to a new and exciting market.

Simply Doughnuts managing director, Shiraz Master said: “The support we’ve had from DIT has been invaluable. DIT staff have helped us to understand the regulatory landscape, to make really important new contacts and to develop our local presence through trade missions and one-to-one meetings with retailers, wholesalers and ordinary consumers.

“We’ve been very well supported in the UK and by DIT staff overseas. In Kuwait, for example, a DIT advisor spent most of the day with us even though it was her day off. She even fed us! The level of support and the willingness to go the extra mile has been amazing.”