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New Ring Bake Doughnuts

July 19, 2023

New Ring Bake Doughnuts from Simply Doughnuts

Simply Doughnuts is proud to announce the launch of its new range of Ring Bake doughnuts.

They are available in a choice of flavours:

  • Banana Glaze with Cocoa Sprinkles
  • Cocoa Cream filling
  • Cocoa Glaze
  • Strawberry Glaze
  • Strawberry Jam filling

Individually foil-wrapped for freshness, they offer shelf-lives of around 5 months (150 days). As a result, they allow retailers even more time to sell, minimising the risk of food waste and associated commercial losses.

They are suitable for vegetarians and available to retailers in shelf-ready trays containing 12 individual packets. They are VAT-exempt.

Unlike our well-known Classic Mini Rings, the new Ring Bakes are the result of a steaming and baking process. Rather than using yeast-raised dough (like our Mini Rings), they are cake-based products with an exceptionally light, fluffy texture.

For more information, please contact us.

Three of the new Ring Bake Doughnuts