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Tesco 2022 Business Update Event

June 10, 2022

Meeting key staff at the Tesco update event

On Thursday 9th June, a team from Simply Doughnuts attended Tesco’s 2022 Business Update event in London. The event was a great opportunity for suppliers – their senior management, accounts teams and strategic sales and marketing staff – to learn about Tesco’s latest innovations and priorities.

Group CEO Ken Murphy (pictured right) spoke about Tesco’s vision and core purpose, while Ashwin Prasad, Group Chief Product Officer (pictured left) identified opportunities for growth and further innovation.

The event also afforded an opportunity to meet with key personnel after the presentations. We took the chance to talk with both Ken Murphy and Ashwin Prasad, and to learn about how Tesco is seeking to help consumers with ongoing cost-of-living pressures.

It was good to hear that there is a continuing emphasis, within Tesco, on sustainability and the minimisation of food waste. These are priorities that we very much share, and on which we have been making great progress in recent months.